Valence Electrons in Rutherfordium (Rf)

Calculate the number of valence electrons in Rutherfordium using its electron configuration step by step.

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Valence Electrons in Rutherfordium

Determine the number of valence electrons in Rutherfordium (Rf, Element 104)

Step 1: Look up the electronic configuration for Rutherfordium

The abbreviated (condensed) ground electronic configuration for Rutherfordium is:

[Rn] 5f14 6d2 7s2

Calculate Electronic Configuration for Rutherfordium

Step 2: Identify the outermost electrons using the electronic configuration

Electrons in atomic orbitals outside the [Rn] core are the outermost electrons:

5f14 6d2 7s2

Step 3: Use the principle quantum number to identify the valence electrons

Extract the principle quantum number, n, and number of electrons from the electron configuration:

Electron ConfigurationnOrbitalNumber of Electrons

The outermost electrons with the largest principal quantum number (in this case, n = 7) are valence electrons.


Rutherfordium (Rf) has 2 valence electron(s).

Lewis Dot for Rf