CAS Number7440-72-4
PubChem CIDna
Rază atomică-
Volum molar29,1
Masă atomică[257]
Punct de fierbere-
Bulk Modulus
Structură cristalină
Rază de covalență-
Electrical Resistivity
Configurație electronică[Rn] 5f12 7s2
Electroni pe nivelul de energie2, 8, 18, 32, 30, 8, 2
Energie de fuziunena
Energie de evaporarena
Potențial de ionizare6,5
Magnetic Ordering
Magnetic Susceptibility
Mass Number100
Punct de topire1.527
Număr atomic257
Număr de oxidare2, 3
Poisson Ratio
Shear Modulus
Căldură specifică-
Conductivitate termică0,1
Van der Waals radius
Young's Modulus
Abundență naturală
Abundența în scoarța Pământuluina
Abundența în Universna
Fm Fermiu 100 (257) 7 f 100 [Rn] 5f12 7s2 2 8 18 32 30 8 2 None Unknown 1.3 {"1":"627"} 627 3 10.0 1 100.5 d 145.02d AlphaEmission Actinide, Radioactive, Synthetic FER-mi-em Synthetic radioactive metal. It has no significant commercial applications. Produced by bombarding lighter transuranium elements with still lighter particles or by neutron capture. SQhI52sqanA Fermium
Bismuth has been known since ancient times, so no one person is credited with its discovery.

The element was confused in early times with tin and lead because of its resemblance to those elements.

In 1753, French chemist Claude François Geoffroy demonstrated that this metal is distinct from lead and tin. Din cuvântul german Weisse Masse, însemnând masă albă 100 1952 Workers at Argonne, Los Alamos, USA, and the University of California at Berkeley, USA. USA Named after "Enrico Fermi"

Isotopes of Bismuth

Standard Atomic Weight

Izotopi stabili

Izotopi instabili

242Fm 243Fm 244Fm 245Fm 246Fm 247Fm 248Fm 249Fm 250Fm 251Fm 252Fm 253Fm 254Fm 255Fm 256Fm 257Fm 258Fm 259Fm 260Fm

Bismuth is considered to be non-toxic
Bismuth has unusually high electrical resistance for a metal
Bismuth is used in producing malleable irons and is used as a catalyst for making acrylic fibers.

Bismuth oxychloride is used in cosmetics, as a pigment in paint for eye shadows, hair sprays and nail polishes.

It has also been used as a replacement for lead in shot, bullets and less-lethal riot gun ammunition.