CAS Number54100-71-9
PubChem CIDna
Atomic Radius-
Atomic Volume-
Atomic Weight[293]
Boiling Point-
Bulk Modulus
CategoryPost-transition metals
Crystal Structure
Covalent Radius175
Electrical Resistivity
Electron Configuration[Rn] 5f14 6d10 7s2 7p4
Electrons per shell2, 8, 18, 32, 32, 18, 6
Heat of Fusionna
Heat of Vaporizationna
Ionization Potential-
Magnetic Ordering
Magnetic Susceptibility
Mass Number116
Melting Point-
Atomic Number291
Oxidation States2, 4
Poisson Ratio
Shear Modulus
Specific Heat Capacity-
Thermal Conductivity-
Van der Waals radius
Young's Modulus
Abundance in Earth's crustna
Abundance in Universena
Lv Livermorium 116 (293) 16 7 p 116 [Rn] 5f14 6d10 7s2 7p4 2 8 18 32 32 18 6 None 1 120 ms AlphaEmission Metal, Radioactive, Synthetic, PoorMetal dYyIoNA2DJk Livermorium
Californium was discovered by Stanley G. Thompson, Kenneth Street, Jr., Albert Ghiorso and Glenn T. Seaborg in 1950 at the University of California, Berkeley.

It was produced by the bombardment of curium with alpha particles.

Californium was isolated in macro quantities for the first time by Burris Cunningham and Stanley Thompson in 1958. Named after California and the University of California 116 2000 Yu.Ts. Oganessian, V.K. Utyonkov, Yu.V. Lobanov, F.Sh. Abdullin, A.N. Polyakov, I.V. Shirokovsky, Yu.S. Tsyganov, G.G. Gulbekian, S.L. Bogomolov, B.N. Gikal, A.N. Mezentsev, S. Iliev, V.G. Subbotin, A.M. Sukhov, O.V. Ivanov, G.V. Buklanov, K.Subotic, M.G. Dubna, Russia Temporary systematic IUPAC nomenclature

Isotopes of Californium

Standard Atomic Weight

Stable Isotopes

Unstable Isotopes

289Uuh 290Uuh 291Uuh 292Uuh 293Uuh

Californium is harmful due to its radioactivity
Californium is produced in nuclear reactors and particle accelerators
Californium is used as a portable neutron source for discovery of metals such as gold or silver by on-the-spot activation analysis.

Neutrons from californium are employed as a treatment of certain cervical and brain cancers where other radiation therapy is ineffective.

Neutron moisture gauges use californium-252 to find water and petroleum layers in oil wells.