CAS Number7440-37-1
PubChem CID23968
Atomic Radius71
Atomic Volume22.4
Atomic Weight39.948
Boiling Point-185.85
Bulk Modulus
CategoryNoble gases
Crystal StructureFace Centered Cubic
Covalent Radius106
Electrical Resistivity
Electron Configuration[Ne] 3s2 3p6
Electrons per shell2, 8, 8
Heat of Fusion1.18
Heat of Vaporization6.5
Ionization Potential15.7596
Magnetic Ordering
Magnetic Susceptibility
Mass Number18
Melting Point-189.35
Atomic Number40
Oxidation States0
Poisson Ratio
Shear Modulus
Specific Heat Capacity0.52
Thermal Conductivity0.000177
Van der Waals radius
Young's Modulus
Abundance in Earth's crust0.00015%
Abundance in Universe0.02%
Ar Arguons 18 39.948 18 3 p 18 -189.2 -185.7 [Ne] 3s2 3p6 2 8 8 0.00178 0.00015% Colorless Cubic: Face centered 3.242 {"1":"1520.6","2":"2665.8","3":"3931","4":"5771","5":"7238","6":"8781","7":"11995","8":"13842","9":"40760","10":"46186","11":"52002","12":"59653","13":"66199","14":"72918","15":"82473","16":"88576","17":"397605","18":"427066"} 1527 0 97 0 0.88 24.2 1.188 6.506 0.52 0.0177 0 Gas, Diamagnetic, NobleGas, Nonmetal, Stable, Natural AR-gon Colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas. It is the third most abundant element in the earth's atmosphere and makes up about 1%. Used in lighting products. It is often used in filling incandescent light bulbs. Some is mixed with krypton in fluorescent lamps. Crystals in the semiconductor industry are grown in argon atmospheres. Continuously released into the air by decay of radioactive potassium-40. Pure form is obtained from fractional distillation of liquid air. nrHVOFG2V-c Argon
Moscovium was identified in 2004 by a team composed of Russian scientists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, and American scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

The team reported that they bombarded americium-243 with calcium-48 ions to produce four atoms of moscovium.

These atoms decayed by emission of alpha-particles to nihonium in approximately 100 milliseconds. Named after Moscow Oblast where Dubna is located 18 1894 Sir William Ramsay, Lord Rayleigh Scotland From the Greek word "argos" meaning "inactive"

Isotopes of Moscovium

Standard Atomic Weight


Stable Isotopes

36Ar 38Ar 40Ar

Unstable Isotopes

30Ar 31Ar 32Ar 33Ar 34Ar 35Ar 37Ar 39Ar 41Ar 42Ar 43Ar 44Ar 45Ar 46Ar 47Ar 48Ar 49Ar 50Ar 51Ar 52Ar 53Ar

Moscovium is harmful due to its radioactivity
Moscovium is historically known as eka-bismuth
Moscovium is used for scientific research purposes only.